Témoignages de wine tour in france à Bordeaux


Références et témoignages de nos clients


Jill Allen

Références et temoignages


Crystal K. - Mariage intimiste pour 25 personnes - Décembre 2013

I cannot thank you enough for everything. Today was perfect! From the prep, to photos throughout Paris (we love Arnaud and Patrick), to the ceremony location, to the fabulous dinner, it was all fantastic! Thank you so much for all your help, and for keeping things running smoothly (even when we were running late). I'm sorry we didn't get to spend more time with you, because you were truly a joy to work with!

Olivier R. (associé NetXP) - Christmas Party - 90 personnes - Décembre 2013

Félicitation encore pour l'organisation de cette soirée qui a bluffée tout le monde

Mark - Mariage intimiste pour 20 personnes - Octobre 2013

I know it may be repetitive, but I just want tell you again what a wonderful job you did for us. Amazing" is an badly overused word here, but in this case, what you did for us, and Becca and Brian in particular, was simply amazing. It is not easy putting your trust in someone you don't know for such an import event thousands of miles away, and when someone takes that trust as seriously and professionally as you did is more than gratifying.
Please accept our heartfelt thanks for all that you did in making our daughter and son in law's special day such a lovely event...and memory.

Client de Q. Hong Kong « a day in Paris with 2 children »

Belated thanks for organizing the treasure hunt and cooking class for my family. Not only did these activities provide a lot of entertainment value for the kids, the character and caliber of them and the instructors was first class and really added to their appreciation of the history and culture of Paris. Accordingly, I would strongly recommend that other visitors partake in the same.

Florence, « 40 ans ! »

Bonsoir Claire,
c'était effectivement une journée plus qu'exceptionnelle. Exactement comme je me l'étais imaginée ...

Barbara, agence SYNACOM

« les deux délégations Vietnamiennes étaient ravies de leur séjour en France »

Patricia R. Linedata « soirée collaborateurs – 300 personnes »

Bonjour Claire,
Encore bravo et merci pour la soirée d’hier soir. Les retours internes sont excellents et tous les collaborateurs ont apprécié ce moment d’exception dans le contexte actuel un peu difficile !

Sophie R., EDF « sortie de service – 40 personnes»

Tous les participants ont beaucoup aimé la journée, on a découvert plein de choses que l’on ne connaissait pas… à refaire !


Barbara BEY, General management - BlueBell Korea Ltd
De retour à Séoul, je tenais à vous remercier une fois de plus pour ce très beau programme.
Tout le monde était absolument ravi et à passer un agréable moment. Si ce court séjour s’est bien passe c’est grâce à vous et je tiens à le souligner. Véronique était adorable pendant les 3 jours. Sa connaissance sur Bordeaux et sa région est impressionnante. Ses explications étaient claires et très enrichissantes. Nous avons tous eu beaucoup de plaisir à l’écouter.
Les personnes qui ont visité Château Haut Bailly ont énormément apprécié les explications faites par la personne ayant accueillis le groupe (je n’y étais pas, je n’ai donc pas son nom). M. Mayran et plusieurs des invites m’ont avoué que c’était de loin la meilleure visite.
L’intronisation a Château Beychevelle ainsi que le diner étaient parfaits ! Nos invités ont adoré la cérémonie et surtout ils ne s’attendaient pas du tout à recevoir ce «certificat ». Les musiciens étaient extras. Le style de musique s’alliait à merveille avec l’environnement du château. Nous avons même eu le droit à une improvisation de « La vie en Rose ».
Voilà Madeleine pour ce retour. Ce voyage fut dans l’ensemble un succès !
Comme vous le disait M. Mayran, il y a toujours un ange qui orchestre derrière et cette ange c’était vous. Merci Madeleine !

Le 24 octobre 2013.

Chris S., Maritz - Nissan Program Operation


I almost don’t know how to adequately say thank you for the huge roll you played in the enormous success of the Nissan Passport to Adventure program. Obviously, there clearly was no “communication gap”!! You were all over every detail and it showed. All of the hard work and dedication you and Emilie put in pre-program was revealed in the execution. As if that weren’t enough, you added Brigitte to that mix on site just to ensure that all would operate smoothly. We have a very happy client right now who has been getting rave reviews from both his management and the dealers that traveled on this program. Bordeaux Excellence was certainly instrumental in creating memorable experiences for our program guests and that is what we are all striving to achieve.

The part that ended up being such a wonderful surprise was that in the end, you created memorable experiences for this meeting planner as well. Now I realize it really isn’t “all about me” but I also think it says a lot when you can pleasantly surprise a seasoned veteran such as myself. Thank you for going the extra mile to find me the “children’s choir” I so badly wanted. I think by Neal’s e-mail you can see how well it went over. Thank you for humoring me with the flower arrangements I wanted for that evening as well. Jill took tons of pictures for me of the room and the décor and I wanted to let you know so you didn’t think I made this request and then wasn’t even there to see the fruits of your labor. I did see it and I can tell you without hesitation that the flowers that evening were my favorite of the entire program. You fulfilled the vision I had for the evening and, dear Walter, knowing how upset I was that I was missing the evening, called me while the choir was singing and held up the phone so I could hear them. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that even over the phone, it made me cry long distance in Paris.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I very much appreciated everything you did to make this program a success and for being patient with me in the process. I have told Amy Marxer about your fabulous performance as well. I/We loved your Bordeaux and thank you for sharing it with us. I look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

Thanks so much to you and your staff. Please thank all the ladies and gentlemen drivers that I didn’t mention as I know this was a team effort on your end as well as ours.

Neal Z., Choir Performance for Nissan Group

Dear Mrs. Charriez Clerc,

On behalf of all the Nissan guests attending the special performance of the choir at Chateau Smith Havt Laffitte, thank you very much. The performance was very special to us and will be remembered by all for a very long time. I received so many compliments about the amazing talent and poise these young singers displayed.
I’ve attached one of the pictures taken of group. If you can share this with the choir along with our sincere appreciation for their performance and the memories it created I would greatly appreciate it!
Thank you for leading the choir and providing a safe, cultrual and meaningful environment for the children.

Leo Z., Roll Global Wine

Dear Leo,
Unfortunately not in LA, only in Chicago and St Louis for business, if one day I come to LA I will let you know

By the way, I do not know whether you are aware that Mrs Resnick decided to grant a donation to Bordeaux Fine Art museum, the city townhall had very much appreciated .

Best regards

Véronique SAADE, Compagnie du Ponant
Chère Madeleine, Cher Stéphane,

Nous avons passé un fabuleux week end qui restera gravé dans nos mémoires à tous, ceci à de nombreux égards.
Venus de Beyrouth, Dubaï, Washington, Paris, Genève, New York et bien évidemment Marseille : tous ont été enchantés !
Organisation parfaite, accueil chaleureux, rencontres d’exception, lieux magiques, authentiques ou surprenants, gastronomie d’une grande finesse, parenthèse détente … : chaque heure s’enchaînait magnifiquement à la précédente !
Merci à tous les deux pour cet excellent travail (Bordeaux Excellence, la bien nommée !).
Il ne nous reste plus qu’une chose à prévoir … Revenir ! (et il y a fort à parier que, pour cela, nous n’attendrons pas de fêter les 50 ans de Rodolphe ;-) !)
Merci encore.
Bien sincèrement,

Mark - World - odyssey

The wine tasting trip was amazing and we would like to do something similar but shorter in Burgundy in the May next year.�

All the �hotels, places, guides where super nice. First class. Thanks


Cydney A-S-R, Pennsylvania, USA

Thanks, Benoît Ghestem and Magnific Escapades for organizing such a wonderful meeting! The highlight of the trip!

Pug S., Georgia, USA

We really enjoyed our day with you today. Thank you for your service and kind hospitality!

Sabine MERLET, Développement des Ventes Traiteur - FLEURY MICHON

Je tiens à vous remercier de votre contribution à la réussite de notre séminaire des 3 et 4 Juillet 2014 en Alsace. Les participants ont été ravis de ces 2 jours et pour certains d’avoir découvert votre belle région. J’ai apprécié votre professionnalisme et votre implication.

Louise Vincentz, Directrice des Services de l’Accueil - Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile

A day full of discoveries for a journey around the wine!

Philippe Montagnier, Corporate Chief Geophysicist, TOTAL

Un grand merci à Benoît Ghestem et à Magnific Escapades de nous avoir organisé avec autant de maestria un tel séminaire. Tout était parfait: hébergement, transferts, choix des lieux visités, convivialité des intervenants, qualité des explications données lors des visites, le tout dans un strict respect du cahier des charges et du devis.

Une telle atmosphère était idéale pour maintenir la créativité et le moral de notre équipe pendant une semaine à plancher sur des milliers de lignes Excel.

Et puis l’Alsace est si belle sous le soleil et habillée de ses couleurs d’automne.

Magic, tout autant que, Magnific Escapades, a ravi nos 5 sens: ambiance chaleureuse de chalet tyrolien de la Stub de l’hôtel du Parc à Obernai , les pains d’épice de Mireille Oster, le tour du vieux Strasbourg en Batorama, les explications passionnées de Vincent et d’Albert pour nous faire partager le sens du terroir de leurs vins (vignerons et géologues se comprennent toujours), les anecdotes historiques de Jean-Paul sur la vie de son village Mittelbergheim au travers des âges, la beauté et le cadre solennel du Mont Sainte Odile.

Many thanks to Benoît Ghestem and Magnific Escapades for having organized such a great seminar. Everything was perfect: accommodation, transfers, the choice of sites, the friendliness of external participants, the quality of explanations given during the visits, all this while carefully keeping to our budget.

Johanna Hisler, Responsable Ressources Humaines - Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile

A single day, sharing a good time while addressing the culture, traditions and expertise of our beautiful region. Thank you for this great organization!

Anne-Catherine GARAT, Supervisor, administration and communication - Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

I would like to thank Benoît for his professionalism, his efficiency and his accuracy in the organization of this event. Benoît has perfectly understood the expectations and the spirit of our company. The event helped to build team spirit in a friendly environment. I would not hesitate to recommend Magnific Escapades and I look forward to collaborating together on a new event!

T. Demichele, Director WR GRACE CONSTRUCTION

The quality of the services, the welcome, the advice, the follow-up and the organization of our seminar in Alsace were all excellent; our team coming from 15 countries had a very good time (teambuilding sessions) thanks to the helpful advice of Magnific Escapades. I strongly recommend the corporate seminars organized by Magnific Escapades.


Excellente prestation de la part de Benoît GHESTEM. Notre excursion a été très bien organisée et avons passé de bons moments.

Nous ne manquerons pas de reprendre contact avec «MAGNIFIC ESCAPADES»!!

Jean-Philippe KERN, Directeur Général - Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile

J’ai beaucoup apprécié votre présence et votre discrétion tout à fait adaptées à la nature de notre sortie.

Agnès RÖSSLINGER, Déléguée Communication, Direction Clients Territoires, GrDF

Je m’associe à ma direction pour vous adresser nos sincères remerciements pour votre agréable collaboration, votre gentillesse soulignée par les participants, et votre contribution au succès de ce séminaire unanimement apprécié.

Emmanuel CAILLE, Directeur Industriel Pôle Electrique GROUPE ATLANTIC

Comme tous les ans j’ai souhaité réunir mon équipe industrielle et avec d’autres intervenants extérieurs pour un séminaire propice à la réflexion, au travail en équipe et à la convivialité.
Magnific Escapades a bien compris nos attentes et nous a concocté un programme parfaitement orchestré dans le court temps imparti (2 jours). Il y a eu en préparation du séminaire beaucoup d’échanges sur le thème, le ton et le rythme que je souhaitais et Magnific Escapades a fait des propositions claires qui collaient bien.
Nous avons pu nous réunir dans un lieu très agréable choisi par Magnific Escapades à Obernai, découvrir les richesses oenologiques et gastronomiques de l’Alsace avec des personnes passionnées et mettre la main à la pâte en cuisine dans la bonne humeur. Pendant notre séjour, Magnific Escapages a veillé à ce que la logistique soit parfaite (navettes, hôtel, restaurant, salles de réunion) y compris pour des demandes de dernière minute.
Notre séminaire a beaucoup plu à mes équipiers, mes invités et moi-même et ce fut une réussite de travail collectif et de bonne ambiance. Je félicite Magnific Escapades pour sa qualité d’écoute et son professionnalisme dans la satisfaction de ses clients

Franck CHARNAY, Customer Supply Chain Manager, BRASSERIES KRONENBOURG SAS

Une activité bien organisée, ludique, intéressante dans un lieu splendide a contribué à souder l’équipe. Un moment de partage qui nous rend prêts à relever de nouveaux défis. A noter la présence discrète et efficace des organisateurs.


Particulier - APRIL 2015

B & Edwige,Our guide, Tebow, was the best. We overslept & he was very gracious - the jet lag finally nailed us.Spent all day & enjoyed immense

Particulier - MARS 2015

Edwige,Thank you so much for all you set up for our family.We all had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed Guy.Thank you again for all you did to make our time in France wonderful!

Particulier - SEPTEMBER 2014

Edwige - Merci beaucoup for all of your help. Mohammed and Michael did an amazing job of getting is thru immigration and a great drive in an amazing car. Michael lead us to our seats on the TGV in fine style. Driver in St Pierre was a delight. We are looking forward to the rest of our vacation!

Particulier - AUGUST 2014

Bonjour Karine,
I just wanted to repeat what I said in my text to Edwige on Saturday.
The tour we had with Sebastian, was absolutely fantastic,I do not think we could have had a more wonderful guide, he made us all part of the story with such panache!!
My son Oscar couldn't stop talking about it - which is quite a recommendation in itself!!
Again many Thanks

Ginny, Valerie Wilson Travel

Good morning,
We received wonderful comments from your services to the Montero family and wish to thank you so much for your help!
They are staying at Intercontinental Grand Hotel in Paris on 2 Rue Scribe.

Gateway Travel - A Virtuoso Member

Great news on the Louvre tour; the children loved it!
Best of all the parents loved the guide and watching Seth and Abby.
Thank you for Kelly, a great guide.

Madeleine, TTI Canada

Dear Edwidge,

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK you for arranging such a lovely holiday for the Bowen Family.
I am not sure if I told you - they are friends with our president and -because of Mark's disability they only travelled to Disney almost every year because it was easy and familiar. I only met them last year and they came to me a bit concerned about how they will pull off a holiday of this sort, but the boys are growing and they realized they must introduce them to other parts of the world.
With your help all worked out excellent

Rachel, Senior Vice President, Groups FROSCH

Hi Edwige,

First day back in the office from my trip to Europe, and wanted to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the wonderful day my family and I spent in Nice & St. Paul de Vence with Danielle.š She is a wonderful guide.š Enthusiastic, kind, generous of information and time, flexible, and just a lovely person. So again, thank you so much for providing her and Jean Claude the driver, for a fabulous day in France! Merci, merci.

Best, Rachel


It's Cindy. Let me start by saying the trip was fantastic! It exceeded our expectations and the two times I called the office they were great. Our tour guides were wonderful and a fun surprise for me, after I reread the itinerary for Cannes, I realized that st. Paul de Vance was the very first place I visited 15 years ago on my first trip to Europe. Being in that area was like walking down memory lane. I had actually done the itinerary with John. Funny!
Paris was amazing. We could not have had a more magical trip. Thank you so much for all your planning and patience. Can't wait for the next one.


So far we are having a great vacation. Everything has been living up to and exceeding our expectations. Your gracious gift of wines was both unnecessary and very much appreciated. We just had a superb meal at Gilly and are definitely looking forward to our tour of Burgundy tomorrow. Thanks again for all your help!


Hello again!
I want to let you know that I just spoke with Mrs. Karasick and they were very pleased with all of your arrangements. They especially enjoyed the Bouillabasse at Chez Gilbert and the lunch at Chevre d’Or. All of their guides were fantastic. Thank you to all!
Best regards,

Ingrid, Away by TTI Travel

Bonjour Edwige,

I just wanted to let you know that the family thoroughly enjoyed the tour and were impressed with the guide. This is a quite a compliment coming from Mr. Raymond….to put it bluntly, the man is quite brilliant and has an incredible brain for information.
Again, thank you for your help and will definitely keep W France in mind for future client trips to France.

Kind Regards,


Finally back home after a fabulous trip! We LOVED NORMANDY and enjoyed our guide Karine. The tour you designed was excellent, the sights were excellent, the hotels were excellent, the guide was excellent but the weather was lousy!!! In spite of the weather we thought the trip was amazing. Normandy has so much to offer, especially an American tourist. It was so nice to visit an area where being an American citizen made us feel so proud.
Big hugs,

Louisa Velis, Imagine Entertainment

Thank you so much.. Ron and Cheryl had a wonderful day touring the wine country. I really appreciate all of your help with organizing.


Hi Karine,
My clients, the Sebonia family, went on the Normandy tour Thursday, May 31. They liked the tour, lots of information but Mr Sebonia is a history buff so there wasn’t much new information for him. The rest of the family enjoyed it. They also went on the Chocolate tour in Paris Friday, June 1. He said it was outstanding! And you were very accommodating because lunch took a little longer than expected so the arrangements had to be changed. Thank you for accommodating them. That being said, they had a great time on the tours!
Thank you for all your help.
Warm Regards,


Once again -- for the second time -- I'm in your debt for your wonderful services to me and to my family for the wonderful guides and trips you planned and provided for us on our recent trip to Paris and Provence. The guides were excellent, with Cecile and Yannick being the very best. We so enjoyed Cecile's knowledge of Paris, of the museums, and of Giverny, and we loved all her interesting and informative descriptions of every part and every place and every piece of art that we saw. We thought Yannick's knowledge of Aix and of Cezanne was incredible and his obvious love of Aix made it come alive for us.

So . . . thank you so much for everything you did to make our stay in France so memorable and such fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We will happily recommend your services to all we know who travel there and should we return we'll definitely be in touch -- I bet that you can work out some dandy tours of Normandy and of the chateaux!


I'm really not sure what to say what to say! We have been here for a day and I'm speechless. From the pick up at the airport to the hotel to the amazing day with our guide (I just love her). Everything so far as exceeded anything I every thought! Paris is so amazing. Thank you so much. If Italy is half as good I'm never coming back.

Margaret T.

Just a quick email to thank you very much for all the arrangements you made for the Tutwiler/West trip. Everything went off perfectly - the drivers were not only polite but always on time - the mini-bus was very nice and comfortable - and we all loved Sophie Camier. She was delightful - very passionate and knowledgeable about your country;s history - made the art and architecture come alive - clearly very well educated - never complained no matter how many times one of us asked her a question she had already answered hours earlier - was always on time - and just did a terrific job of herding our group of 11 in and out of so many sites in Paris - Versailles and Normandy - We all thoroughly enjoyed her company and learned a lot from her - for myself and I know I speak for the rest of my family - I would not hesitate to use her again or recommend her to my friends - she represents your company very well indeed. Best of luck with your new company and thank you again for the time you spent putting together our family itinerary - we all had a wonderful time. All the Best

Ellyn, Vagabond Travel

Dear Edwige,
I have just spoken to Karyl Asch and she said that the touring was “beyond their expectations” and Franco their guide was unbelievable.
So I suppose you can’t get a much better report than this.
With thanks,

Mimi, Valerie Wilson

Dear Edwige and Madeleine,
I want to tell you that Mrs. Abrams thought the trip was fantastic. They all enjoyed it thoroughly.
Thank you so very much for the time and effort you all put into this wonderful experience they had.
Best Regards,


Oh my God. This is a special treat. The place, the service and the food are spectacular. Thank you so much for suggesting this wonderful place.


Voyage Robin – octobre 2012

Merci pour tout, les clients sont très satisfaits. Je ne manquerai pas de revenir vers vous pour la Bourgogne

Direction de la Maîtrise d’œuvre – CNP Assurances – octobre 2012

Tous nos managers sont revenus de Bourgogne emballés par leur séjour. Le rallye 2cv va rester dans les esprits, c'est à n'en pas douter ! De plus, nous fûmes vraiment gâté car le temps était de la partie … et cela c'est à n'en pas douter un petit miracle !

Unité communication Eurogerm – octobre 2012

Un grand merci pour cette animation qui a été appréciée de tous

Chargé de projets marketing et événementiel - ODDO – octobre 2012

Merci pour les photos que j’ai aussitôt transmises aux collaborateurs. Je vous confirme qu’ils ont tous bu les paroles de Baptiste (ainsi que le si bon vin que vous nous avez fait gouter !) avec un plaisir sans égal. Et le rallye a ravi l’ensemble du groupe, même ceux qui n’étaient pas motivés au départ.

Coordinatrice commerciale – Accentiv’Kadéos – septembre 2012

Je reviens vers vous ce jour pour vous remercier de votre organisation. Nos équipes ont été visiblement ravies de leur après-midi.

EDF – septembre 2012

Je vous remercie…Marie (et son équipe) a réussi à caler nos envies sur ce programme !! SUPER !!

Assistant – Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels – septembre 2012

Nous avons passé un super week-end ! Merci pour tout.

Journaliste brésilien – septembre 2012

Merci encore une fois pour toute la promenade en Bourgogne et pour la super compagnie aussi.

Ambassador Voyages – juillet 2012

C’était un plaisir de travailler avec vous et je suis certaine que l’on réiterera l’expérience dans un avenir proche

Directeur du groupe d’exploitation hydraulique – EDF – mai 2012

Encore merci pour votre professionnalisme.

Jet Stim – janvier 2012

J’ai eu la cliente en ligne tout à l’heure et les retours sont vraiment positifs. A savoir qu’ils étaient au Sénégal sur la convention précédente, et que de passer sur Beaune l’année suivante n’était pas chose facile, et le challenge a été relevé !
Merci pour votre implication, nous n’avons eu aucune fausse note !
Au plaisir d’une prochaine fois.

Chargée de projets – Wagram Energie – Décembre 2011

La cliente a été très contente de la manifestation, tout s’est très bien déroulé et je vous en remercie.

Directeur – Bernard Loiseau – Décembre 2011

Comprenez par là que la soirée c’est plus que bien déroulée et que mon client n’a pas tari d’éloges sur l’animation et son organisation parfaite, ponctuée par des enchères magistrales. Bref, un vrai succès !
Vous remerciant pour votre assistance et votre disponibilité, je profite également de ce message pour vous souhaiter de belles fêtes de fin d’année et tous mes vœux pour l’année 2012 !
A très bientôt pour une nouvelle collaboration et transmettez félicitations et remerciements à votre équipe.

Particulier – juillet 2012

Je vous confirme que la ballade de samedi a été fantastique et nous sommes satisfait d'avoir fait appel à votre compagnie, cla nous a permis de découvrir une partie de la Bourgogne différement.

Particulier – juin 2012

Juste un petit mot pour vous dire que mes parents ont vraiment apprécié leur expérience en 2CV et le contact aimable de votre collègue Joël

Particulier – Avril 2012

Je tiens à vous remercier. Week end parfait!!!!!!!


Mai 2015 - Sortie privée déjeuner croisière en bateau traditionnel de Loire

Bonsoir karine,

Super après midi ! !!! Génial !!!

Clients heureux. Nous content.

Les deux bateliers extra.

Bref un moment exceptionnel pour tout le monde !Merci !

Félicitations au restaurant pour le magnifique pique nique d'une grande qualité. On avait Jamais vu ça !

Bonne soirée


Office Manager – Eva Rygielski – IN8 DEVELOPMENTS, ONTARIO - November 7th, 2013

Dear Karine,
In writing this letter me and Paul we would like to personally thank you for your efforts. We were very happy with all your services and thanks to you we had an amazing time in France. We have to point out Phillip, our personal driver, who truly knows his job very well and he really knows how to satisfy his clients and their needs. What a great guy. We enjoyed our stay in France and everything we have seen there. We are going to recommend your tourism service to all of our friends.
Thank you very much for all your help.
Best Regards.

Eva and Paul Rygielski

Siège social
49, rue Camille Godard
33000 Bordeaux
Tél. +33 (0)5 56 44 27 68
On ne peut avoir de culture gastronomique sans vin.

Julia Child