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About us

Wine tour in France is a group of destination management agencies located in the various wine-making regions of France. Our experts in the South West, Loire Valley, Paris, Champagne, Burgundy, Alsace, Beaujolais, and Provence have the common goal of providing you with deluxe sightseeing experiences, tailor-made private tours, out of the ordinary and/or authentic, and solely possible thanks to our private address book.
"After over 20 years of traveling around the world, I decided to offer the best of what France has to offer – its ‘art de vivre’ or way of life”.
‘Celebrate the French Art de Vivre’ by Wine Tour in France combines 3 simple principles:
A partner agency located in every region known for its savoir faire
The combination of wine, gourmet cuisine, culture and fashion
Outstanding personalized service
 Wine tour in France has managed to stand out from the rest in the world of travel by offering what it does best - excellence.

Wine Tour in France's True challenge

Wine Tour In France’s true challenge was to find the best partner agencies in each region. I wanted entrepreneurs that were passionate about their work, known by the great names among French winemakers, chefs etc. at the head of caring teams that react quickly, demanding craftsmen with an Anglo-Saxon style of service, and specialists in business and luxury travel.

But above all, this team had to know both personally and professionally the men and women that have made a name for their region.

Wine Tour in France combines French elegance, savoir-faire and refinement with the best of local culture by providing luxury holidays in France’s most beautiful regions.
It’s no surprise that Celebrate the French Art de Vivre has become the expert in selling the French art de vivre.

Mission accomplished !

Stéphane Tillement

30 years experience in airlines and business travel
(current CEO of Mauriac Voyages & Wine Paths)

What is Mauriac Voyages?
Mauriac Voyage is a luxury travel agency, specializing in tailor-made holidays around the world. With a team renowned for its experience in the luxury travel world, Mauriac Voyages offers personalized services with a perfect knowledge to suits your needs.

What is Wine Paths?
Wine Paths is the first online specialist for luxury wine & spirits travel. With more than 300 members and local experts around the globe, Wine Paths can create the perfect itinerary for wine or spirits enthusiasts, in the world's most famous wine or spirits regions.


Head Office
49, rue Camille Godard
33000 Bordeaux
Tél. +33 (0)5 56 44 27 68
There's no such thing as gastronomic culture without wine.

Julia Child