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Wine tour in CHAMPAGNE

Come and visit the Champagne region with Wine Tour in France! Its historic, cultural and artistic heritage will thrill you. This sparkling, alluring, and lively drink will captivate you. Only 1h30 from Paris, the Champagne region is a must see for every tourist in France!

We can’t wait to make you uncover its glorious heritage and plunge into the prestigious world of the most famous and celebrated wine. Savor the heart, body, and soul of Champagne when its finesse and sophistication is revealed to you…

Our tailor-made programs combine the treasures of French ‘art de vivre’ - Champagne and culinary tradition – and offer the best of the region. You will discover the Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars that have been UNESCO listed in 2015! Grant yourself a unique moment with your loved ones…

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Recent Champagne Experiences :

  • Create your own Champagne blend during a workshop with the cellar master of a Champagne House
  • Plunge deep under the ground of the Champagne region and discover the cellars of the most prestigious Champagne Houses
  • Board an historical boat for a private cruise on the Marne river, with a glass of champagne of course
  • Learn the history behind the coronation ceremonies of French Kings in Reims
  • Take part in the harvest with an independent Champagne producer


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more Champagne highlights:

Visit the most prestigious cellars
Enter the secret realm of the most renowned Champagne Houses: Dom Pérignon, Veuve Clicquot, Deutz, Ruinart. Head down almost 100 feet underground in Gallo-Roman chalk pits listed as major historical monuments. There, you will explore the most exclusive and spectacular Champagne cellars. Follow the shrewd advice of oenology experts- your champagne experience will never be the same again!

Discover a unique ‘terroir’
Come and discover the Champagne region and its ‘terroir’, where the most prestigious sparkling wine takes its origins. You will learn the singularity of the Champagne vineyards: its soil, its subsoil, its climate… all those characteristics that make it so unique. Roam around the villages ranked as “Premiers Crus” and “Grands Crus”, and in the middle of a sea of vines, learn how to recognize the grape variety that are used to make Champagne.

Trace the History
Explore Hautvillers - the birthplace of Champagne - and visit numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the famous Reims Cathedral - where most of the Kings of France were crowned - Saint Rémi's Basilica or the Palais du Tau… There is more than 2000 years of History to discover!

Give yourself a treat
From 5* hotels to charming B&B, from Michelin-starred restaurants to concept bars, there are so many splendid places for you to visit. Champagne lovers and epicurean will definitely enjoy their stay in our prestigious region.

Live Unique Experiences
Your break in Champagne offers you so much more to experience with your loved ones… Learn the French ‘Art de Vivre’ during private tasting or cooking workshops, enjoy a ride through the vineyard in a vintage vehicle, take a breath during a stunning air balloon flight over Champagne… Possibilities are almost infinite !

Private Tour in Great Champagne Houses
Private Tour in Great Champagne Houses
Settled in Reims, Epernay or in the vineyards, they have contributed to make Champagne what it has become – the ultimate symbol of prestige. Discover the history of the Grandes Maisons de Champagne and the life of their charismatic founders. You will be impressed by the boldness and the determination of those exceptional men and women.

Another highlight of your stay will be the visit of the Champagne cellars. You will have the chance to take a glance at millions of bottles that are aging in the steady temperature of the “crayères”, before being shipped all over the world.

Dom Perignon, Ruinart, Veuve Clicquot, Mumm, Moët & Chandon, Deutz, Taittinger,…

We can take you to almost every Champagne House for an exceptional visit – and a tasting, of course!
Meet the independent producers
Meet the independent producers
Roam around the sloping vineyard and meet the men and women who have shaped this beautiful landscape for centuries. Local producers will teach you the ‘savoir-faire’ they learn from generation to generation.

Depending on the time of the year, you will have the opportunity to participate in different workshops: pruning, tying, grape picking, and even blending!

Follow the steps of Dom Perignon
Follow the steps of Dom Perignon
Go back to the origins of Champagne and discover the charming village Hautvillers and it abbey, where Dom Pérignon used to live. Your guide will tell you everything about the life and the achievements of the monk that is now considered as the spiritual father of Champagne.

Then, you will discover a more recent part of the history linked to this world-famous name. During a private tour, you will have the opportunity to penetrate into the cellars of Dom Perignon House, located underneath the prestigious Avenue de Champagne. The visit will end with a tasting of the precious Champagne, in the refined setting of a private salon of the House

Take a break
Take a break
Enjoy these special moments that are entirely dedicated to your well-being. Breathe, taste and revitalize yourself… in the heart of the vineyards.

Relax during a spa treatment in the most beautiful places of the region, discover the best of French Gastronomy, taste a glass of Champagne in a concept bar, nestled at the top of the trees… Grant yourself a deserved break in this prestigious region.

Create your own Champagne
Create your own Champagne
The ultimate dream of every Champagne lover… Live a unique experience and compose your own cuvee!

After being welcomed by the Cellar Master of a prestigious Champagne House, you will taste different base wines coming from various crus, years and grape varieties. Then, you will be taught the art of blending in order to create a cuvee with your own style.

A few years later, you will receive your precious champagne at home. Intense emotions to be expected!

Champagne from the Sky
Champagne from the Sky
Just as the bubbles of Champagne rise into the glass, hot air balloons rise in the sky of the Champagne region during sunset… We invite you to admire the magnificent vineyard from the sky, while tasting a glass of Champagne. No doubt you will live an unforgettable experience up there.

Discover a land of History
Discover a land of History
Admire remains aging from the Roman Empire, historical period during which Durocortorum (Reims) was a renowned marketplace and the capital of the Gallia Belgica province.

Discover also the part of the history that gave to Reims its fame. Indeed, not less than 29 Kings of France were crowned in the city. The magnificent Cathedral Notre Dame, a true Gothic Art masterpiece, is one of the most beautiful – and impressive – legacy from this period.

Finally, immerge yourself in the recent history of the region, where the surrender was signed in 1945, ending one of the darkest period in the modern History.

French Cuisine at its best
French Cuisine at its best
You will find out: the Champagne region has a very rich gastronomic heritage… Even if the Champagne is the most prestigious example, there are other delicious regional specialties. You will taste the unique flavor of biscuits rose, croquignoles, local mustard or Champagne ratafia.

In order to appreciate this gastronomy, you are invited to prestigious restaurants where famous Chefs are emphasizing the best products. The region has numerous Michelin-starred restaurants… The most difficult part is to choose!

Private cruise on the Marne river
Private cruise on the Marne river
Board a vintage boat made in 1927 for a private cruise on the Marne River. Discover the magnificent vineyards of Champagne on both sides of the valley… the view is splendid!

During the cruise, you may choose a picnic lunch prepared by a chef with local specialties – with a glass of Champagne of course. You can also enjoy an oenology class on the boat, with one of the best Champagne specialist.


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