Private visit in Loire Valley


The Loire Valley, a mixture of private tours, remarkable experiences and phenomenal scenery

On land, at sea, or up in the air, Wine tour in France will introduce you to this region’s beauty. Learn about French culture while tracing history via the castles of the Loire Valley and the gardens of the Kings of France. The Loire, a royal river, sometimes wild, sometimes tame, let yourself drift with the current along its twists and turns.

Let yourself be tempted by an exceptional journey designed by our Wine Tour in France experts, from the estuary in Nantes to Blois via Angers, Saumur, Fontevraud, Chenonceau, Cheverny, and Tours – experience a timeless trip in the Loire Valley.

more Loire Valley highlights

  • Vintage day in The Loire Valley : tour of the loire valley by authentic, old-fashioned bike or car, then break for a gourmet french picnic
  • French cooking class in the loire valley : discover the tips and tricks of the great french cuisine
  • Vouvray vintage & da vinci : enter the story of leonardo da vinci, a visit to his house, followed by a tasting of vouvray vintage wine & cheese
  • Private wine tours in the loire valley : visit the vineyards and let the winemaker help you discover their subtle aromas

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more Loire Valley highlights:

Hands-On Authenticity

From the soil molded by time along France’s largest river, share the winemakers’ passion and taste Bacchus’ hidden treasures. Meet the passionate craftsmen and artists who design the Loire’s traditional boats, musical instruments and stained glass. From a simple tour to a workshop with tools in hand, there are activities for every mood.

Life of a King
Lay down your arms and relish French art de vivre in the gardens of the Kings of France. We’ll open the doors to the realms of the great liqueurs, fine cuisine and great wines. Go on a tranquil adventure at a winemaking estate, VIP location, or an exceptional castle to savor a unique moment. ??

Get away from it all

A blazing sunrise over a pink backdrop, overlooking the Loire still asleep in its hazy coat; the awakening of this still preserved and untamed wildlife piques your curiosity. Enjoy a spa treatment in a freestone backdrop. Let the current of the Loire carry you downriver, time has stopped, welcome to Loire poetry.

Full of surprises

Out-of-the-ordinary: troglodyte homes, guest houses on cliffs that face the Loire, crooked bell towers, floating metal elephants… whether it’s a child’s dream or an adult’s one, we can make it all come true!

Vineyards and gastronomy
vignoble et gastronomie
Wine Tours Loire Valley

Val de Loire is France’s 3rd winemaking region. Come tickle your taste buds at a wine tasting in our winemakers’ best crus cellars then take the longest wine route in France almost 500 miles long. From a farmers’ market to the secrets of a Michelin starred chef, sit down and enjoy the best local dishes.
Experience the Loire, in a UNESCO world heritage landscape.
la loire à vivre
The Loire, a wild river, the realm of Mother Nature not to be missed – by bike, aboard a traditional boat cruise with Loire navy skipper, horseback, or in an antique car, come discover the greatness and the curiosities of the Loire and its fauna. Your Live the adventure of Robinson Crusoe in the riverbed of the Loire.
Those with a gypsy spirit, take a flight over the Loire
peuple migrateur, à vous l\'envol ligérien
As free as a bird, play with the Loire sandbars and fish.
Take off in a hot-air balloon, microlight aircraft or helicopter to embrace sky and earth at dawn. An ornithologist will "mediate” between you and egrets, wild geese, and black-headed gulls…
Life in a castle
vie de château
Bordered by the forest, castles of the Kings of France were built on the banks of the Loire! A back-to-nature weekend for a complete change of scenery, a breath of fresh air and hunting grounds. A chateau weekend far away from city stress!

Enjoy a day of hunting at a renowned estate, dine at the castle with the Marquis of Brissac and sleep in the fortress for total immersion and a guaranteed change of scenery.
A novel underground adventure
aventure insolite et souterraine
See what life underground is like – silent and mysterious facing the Loire.
By candlelight, a meal of local dishes cooked over a wood fire and a dip in an underground pool! Definitely a change of scenery!
Design, haute couture, personal shopper, perfume factory,
les design industriel de nantes
A dynamic area teeming with textile, artistic and industrial creations; come to the crossroads of Jules Verne’s worlds, the mechanical realm of Leonardo da Vinci at Clos Lucé and industrial history in Nantes. A novel trip to see converted industrial sites such as the famous Lu butter cookie tower.
Art and culture
art et culture
Invitation to a famous equestrian school which is home to the famous Cadre Noir riders. Share your equestrian passion with a pro. Travel back in time and discover the religious and historical buildings, built into the cliff or overlooking the Loire. Enjoy a famous theater festival which opens its doors leading to majestic places and invites you to share a privileged moment dining with major French actors.
French gardens – the cradle of Val de Loire
jardins à la française berceau du val de loire
Enjoy a visit of the gardens of the Kings of France. Give in to your curiosity and ask the enthusiastic gardeners questions during a remarkable visit of one of the most beautiful French gardens. Try something new during a culinary workshop with produce from the kitchen garden and eat in unusual places.
Savoir-faire in Val de Loire
savoir-faire en val de loire
Val de Loire’s liqueur makers, basket makers, famous designers (Vuitton), tapestry makers and masterpieces shouldn’t be missed during your stay. A visit and lecture on the Apocalypse Tapestry at the Angers Castle, listen to the story about liqueur artisans, pioneers in their field, who became multinationals.


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