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French heritage guided tours

Come learn about France’s extraordinary cultural heritage.

Discover the properties of the Kings of France and their castles, delve into UNESCO World Heritage sites, and admire some of the world’s most famous works of art. Travel back in time and immerse yourself in French history past and present. You’ll stroll through museums, marveling at legendary monuments and historic sites.

Paris cultural tour

Wine Tour in France will take you to visit Paris, most definitely the most beautiful city in the world. Explore the capital of France - monuments, landscapes, and architecture – a must-see for any traveler.
Paris has an infinite variety of sites to see with over 1,800 listed monuments, 170 museums, and 145 theaters.
Opulent hotels, gourmet restaurants, luxury brand boutiques, guided tours of monuments, art exhibitions, etc. make this a place of endless discoveries where you’ll never be bored.
A rich history from ancient to modern sits side by side, and if Paris is still captivating today, it’s because it evolves through the ages.

Cultural tour in Southwestern France

Wine Tour in France takes you to Aquitaine, the region of France that so many visitors dream of making their home.
Imagine a region that has the world’s best wines, the Atlantic coastline’s most beautiful beaches, UNESCO World Heritage sites, culinary delights (foie gras, duck breast, etc.), a mild, sunny climate and close to the Pyrenees mountains and Spain.
We’ll take you on a tour through this wondrous land, between ancient fortified towns and Romanesque churches, in the Basque Country’s most beautiful villages - a blend of traditions and culture – or in the foothills of the Pyrenees between Cathar castles and picturesque walled cities from Carcassonne to Albi.

Cultural tour in Northwestern France

Discover life in a Loire Valley castle with Wine Tour in France! Known locally as the Valley of Kings, it’s the perfect place to escape in some of France’s most beautiful gardens.
French gardens are a perfectly tranquil spot for spa holidays. They brought the era’s greatest artisans together who made them splendid and elegant.

Cultural tour in Northeastern France

Wine Tour in France will take you on a journey to explore Alsace, Champagne, and Burgundy.
Admire the rich cultural heritage of Alsace - both modern and traditional. Churches, castles, and battlefields are living traces of a rich historical past.
We’ll take you to picturesque villages amid vineyards where you’ll be enchanted by the romance of authentic villages with remarkably colorful half-timbered houses whose balconies are adorned with flowers.
Your trip will continue through the Champagne region, where you’ll discover a rich architectural heritage – the gothic art of the Reims cathedral, Roman ruins, and quaint villages.

Cultural tour in Southwestern France

Wine Tour in France leads you through 2000 years of history in the city of Lyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Taking a guided tour of a Rhone village, enjoying a boat ride, exploring one of Lyon’s quarters (the Croix Rousse shouldn’t be missed), visiting a Beaujolais wine estate ... discover the history of the ancient capital of Gaul and admire inspirational architecture...
Wine Tour in France can also accompany you to Provence. Roman ruins, castles, a tour of Avignon (a UNESCO site), exploring the very best of Camargue, an excursion to the Luberon region, a tour of a traditional soap manufacturer ... our expert in Provence will give you a choice of bona fide and unusual traditional Provencal villages.

During each period of history, mankind has left an indelible footprint on our region which now makes for a vibrant heritage. You too can follow in the footsteps of that legacy.
We invite you to explore France for an authentic exclusive experience.

Recent Experiences :

  • Travel from prehistoric cave art, through Roman, Visigoth, Medieval, Renaissance and onto contemporary France.
  • Discover first hand what it is like to live in a historical and mythical Chateau.
  • Visit the finest estates and breathtaking landscapes throughout beautiful France- from the Loire Valley and the Dordogne to Provence and the Basque Country... There is beauty for every taste.
  • Discover the revered local history of your favourite cities and town during one-to-one guided cultural tours. Let the streets come alive before your eyes.

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