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Wine Tour in France will take you on a journey where you’ll discover France’s world-famous culinary legacy with the world’s most refined restaurants.

Discover French cuisine and its diversity during an epicurean holiday – regional culinary specialties, local produce, pastries, cheeses, wines... excellent recipes to enjoy alone, with family, or with friends!

Epicurean Holiday in Paris

Wine Tour in France takes you inside various culinary workshops in Paris and offers cultural and cooking excursions!
Learn about the history of chocolate, taste wine with different kinds of cheese, learn how to make your own macaroons, visit Montmartre and enjoy its local cuisine, feast your eyes upon the famous baguette being prepared by an artisan baker, cook at a French chef’s apartment, and more.

Epicurean Holiday in Southwestern France

Wine Tour in France will organize your culinary sightseeing holiday in the heart of this magnificent region. Explore Bordeaux, Dordogne, Biarritz, Cognac, etc. Treat yourself in this region rich in delicious delicacies and rare wines.
The Southwest’s climate provides gorgeous sunny summers, pleasant autumns, winters with rarely any frost and a relatively damp springtime which are the perfect conditions needed for an exceptional vineyard.

So taste the best wines with fabulous local produce typical of Southwestern France such as foie gras, duck breast, preserves, croustade pies, cassoulet, Bayonne ham, or porcini mushrooms – give your palate an unforgettable treat!

Epicurean Holiday in Northwestern France

Wine Tour in France combines several delights in the Loire Valley. After a tour of the castle which shouldn’t be missed, discover authentic bourgeois cuisine.
In this hunting region where wild game has the place of honor, you’ll get a chance to taste wild boar, deer, and venison stew as well as the best coq au vin in the world!
We can also complete your holiday with a local wine tasting. These harmonious combinations favored by a temperate climate and splendid soil are why this region has such a great variety of wines. Discover Muscadet, Savennières, Anjou and its Coteau du Layon, Loire crémant sparkling wine, Saumur Brut, Saumur Champigny, Chinon, Bourgueil, Vouvray and its neighbor Montlouis, and last, but not least, Sancerre.

We offer made-to-order holidays along the royal river meeting the men and women who work passionately in the vineyards and make the delicious wines which give the Val de Loire such a great reputation.

Epicurean Holiday in Northeastern France

Wine Tour in France invites you to discover Alsatian cooking! You’ll be delightfully surprised by the vast variety of dishes to try.
Apart from the traditional sauerkraut called choucroute, try a real flammekueche made with bread dough and toppings, a sundgau, baeckeoffe, gingerbread, or a kouglof, a traditional brioche. These dishes are representative of traditional Alsatian cooking which is greatly influenced by German cuisine.
Also taste the best wines from Alsace. The great diversity of its soil combined with the work of passionate wine-growers produces great world-famous wines such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer, and Pinot Gris.

Afterwards, enjoy a stay in Burgundy, taste prestigious wines, and try one of our many culinary specialties such as fondue bourguignonne, beef bourguignon, snails, gougere cheese puffs, Bresse chicken, and Dijon pears in wine just to name a few.

Epicurean Holiday in Southeastern France

Wine Tour in France will take you to the Beaujolais region and an authentic "bouchon" restaurant to try the local cuisine.
Upon arriving in Provence, enjoy the scent of lavender, flowers, and spices that will enhance your appetizing dishes made with basic ingredients such as tomato, onion, garlic, pepper, and olive oil. Come meet our favorite vendors in the markets of Provence. We’ll help you carefully choose fresh ingredients that we’ll prepare together for lunch. By choosing these ingredients with our chef, you’ll learn to cook just like the French.
Take time to taste bouillabaisse prepared in the traditional way right in Marseille or in the vicinity. You’ll be amazed!

Our team of discerning gourmets invites you to experience unforgettable culinary adventures that will leave you with extraordinary memories.

From Michelin star restaurants to the best kept secret restaurants, you’ll discover rare delicacies with us.

Let your palate guide the way!

Recent Experiences:

  • Learn to pick out Perigord Truffles with a Michelin Chef at the local markets, and then let him guide you through combing your ingredients into mouth-watering dishes.
  • Dine in 2 and 3 starred restaurants whilst staying in luxurious Chateaux and exclusive houses.
  • Meet passionate French artisans and discover their savoir-faire.
We will make your dreams a reality that exceeds your expectations.

Let a personal assistant help plan the adventure of a lifetime!


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