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Karine Guyon, our expert within the Loire valley, joins the

Karine Guyon will suggest new ideas around craftmen that are unique.

" Loire-Valley, Heritage and Creation " include craftsmen, high-level professionals in the field of the furniture, of the interior design and of the art of entertaining.
Heirs of the workshops who built and decorated the Castles of the Loire, they embody the prestige and the excellence of the French know-how.
Anchored in the tradition, they know also how to create and innovate to meet the expectations of a demanding clientele, in search of the French-style Lifestyle.

For centuries, the Loire valley symbolizes the French-style lifestyle: castles, gardens, vineyards, gastronomy, but also know-how of exception in the restaurant businesses of the heritage and the contemporary creation.
" Loire-Valley, Heritage and Creation " include workshops of top-level today which perpetuate these know-how in the furniture, the interior design and the art of entertaining.
Each of his workshops is the heir of a long tradition of builders and decorators, since the big Castles of the Loire up to the most sophisticated contemporary houses.

Passionate and complementary craftsmen:

ETS Bichot, the art and the know-how of the joiner for more than a century.
Establishment Bichot, situated in Mayenne, exercises their know-how in the service of the valuation of the built heritage.
They restore, create or reproduce joineries custom-made, internal and outside wood, according to the style and the esthetics of the renovated places.
So, through his realizations top of the range, he works at prestigious construction sites and houses of exception.

Hyacinthe Boton, the cabinetmaking in the service of a very contemporary art.
Near prestigious region of the castles of the Loire, in the serene frame of the lake of Big Place, Muriel and Hyacinthe create the H.BOTON workshop in 1999.
Their universe of five workbenches associates the know-how of the traditional cabinetmaking and the new technologies.
This double skill allows the Workshop Hyacinthe Boton to answer exactly the sharp requirements of a clientele for which authenticity and durability are decisive values.

Chevillard, Silversmiths and bronze-smelters in creation and restoration since 1850.
At first specialized in the liturgical objects, the company diversified to adapt itself to the market of the decoration.
The know-how connected to the work of cuprous metals and precious metals allows the company to create and to realize lamps top of the range, reproductions of old models, furniture of high-end supplement, lightings of paintings etc....

Jérôme Dayot workshop: cabinet maker and creator of design contemporary furniture.
While wanting to meet the requirements of creativity the sharpest which the Jérôme Dayot workshop, associated with a young designer, conceives and factory of the design contemporary furniture of very high invoice.
The Jerôme Dayot workshop makes a commitment in the respect for the ancestral rules of the cabinetmaking of art to serve a timeless contemporary design.

Franck Pothier home decoration, tapestry-maker and decorator.

Emphasize your internal decoration. Franck Pothier Home decoration emphasizes of the textile industry in all its forms and realizes your sofas, armchairs, curtains, bedspreads, wall dyes...

And many others...

Meet our craftsmen! We jointly conceive a custom-made circuit, beyond your expectations.


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