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French Art de Vivre Classes

French Art de Vivre is something we would really like to share with you. France boasts a solid cultural heritage that ranges from history, cuisine, haute couture, fashion, design to art and wine.

While tradition is still very much present, we can also show you how this heritage is being reinterpreted by new designers, creative chefs, young artists etc...

If you are looking for something interactive and fun, the Wine Tour In France team can organize for you special classes to make sure you go back home with some of the well-known French art-de-vivre.

Cheese Heaven

In a nation with over 500 different types of cheeses, the French have one of the greatest selections in the world. If you are fond of them, we could arrange for you a tour with an expert guide who will show you the hidden local "fromageries" or cheese shops around the city. Depending on the day of the week, you may also be able to visit a local outdoor market, where farmers and local producers display proudly their delicious creations. Learn the cheese production process, and what accounts for their color, texture and smell. Discover the way one matches wine and cheese and the regional favorites throughout France.

French Cooking-classes

Gourmets? Join in one of our culinary classes with a talented French Chef who will teach you the secrets of French cooking. After, you will be able to astonish your guests with a home-made French meal, accompanied by fine wine pairings. Instead of going to the restaurant, bring the restaurant to you!

Dessert Class

Learn how to make the same deserts that we all love to gaze at in the illustrious windows of French pastry shops. From cakes, tarts, eclairs, chocolate, and souffles to the most complex desserts, discover one of the French most envied arts. The Chef will guide you through the recipes as you learn the secrets of French desserts. The best part is that after the class, you can take your delicious creations home with you!

Perfumer’s workshops

Become the Perfumer's Apprentice and customize a fragrance during a workshop ran by a perfume expert. This is a unique opportunity to live an unforgettable and fascinating sensorial experience centered on the creation of a fragrance with a dominant note. Discover the raw materials in a perfumer's "perfume organ". Learn about the fragrance creation-process and its compositions: Top, back and middle notes. Develop your sensory and olfactory skills!

To get more information on the classes’ opportunities or to book your next activities: contact us!


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