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Cultural sightseeing in the BASQUE COUNTRY

Wine Tour in France takes you to the Basque Country! What can you see in the Basque Country? An engaging blend of emotions, the exceptional surroundings still reflect the unique heritage and identity of an endearing people who are proud of their traditions.

The three colors of the Basque flag rightly describe the essence of this land - the red and white of its traditional houses and jai alai frontons found in practically every village, and the Green for the verdant hills and Irouleguy vineyards.

It’s a land of contrasts – the Pyrenees foothills, the vast Iraty forest, the ocean, and tasty local delicacies that combine the products of mountain and sea such as chocolate, Bayonne ham, ewe’s cheese, ttoro fish soup, zikiro (lamb) or axoa (veal, onions, sautéed tomatoes and Espelette pepper). Basque cuisine is a delicious and enjoyable experience!

The Irouleguy vineyards cover the Basque Country’s hillsides. Planted by Roncevaux monks in the 12th century, these hallmark vineyards are tended by winemakers with a passion for their craft.

Once a small fishing village, Biarritz is now world famous as a prestigious destination for its combination of elegance and authenticity.

Come visit and enjoy the Basque Country with Wine Tour in France !

Recent Experiences in the Basque Country:

  • Enjoy some R&R at the world famous Biarritz- a former quaint fishing port which has been a prestigious destination for over 2 centuries thanks to its mix of elegance and authenticity.
  • Visit to the Irouléguy vineyards: planted in the hills of the Basque Country by Roncesvalles monks in the 12th century- they have amazing character and are worked by winemakers who are passionate about their land and vines.
  • Explore thebeauty of San Sebastian, on the Spanish side of the frontier.
  • Discover the delicious local food-from chocolate that has been famous for centuries, to exceptional Bayonne ham and ewe’s cheeses. You will soon know to ask for ttoro, zikiro and axoa, just not all at the same time!


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More BasqueCountry Highlights:

Explore the Smugglers’ Path

Between France and Spain, take the trails on horseback or on foot and stop for a pastoral lunch in an authentic 16th century Basque farm. You will see a landscape like no other.

Experience the local savoir-faire

The region’s best craftsmen are proud witnesses of their ancestral traditions and emblematic regional products. Learn how they produce their chocolate from Bayonne, or the makhila- the traditional Basque walking stick which is both decorative and practical, and an important cultural symbol of power.

Adventures & major thrills

Go rafting on the Basque Country’s magnificent rapids all the way to the gateway of the Béarn region; or take up a Hawaiian challenge with the most beautiful surfing spots on the coast between Hossegor and Mundaka. 

Cultural highlights

Expect strong emotions during a Basque choir concert held in the church where Louis XIV was married; or see an extraordinary performance given by the Malandain Ballet which performs around the world.

A resplendent evening reception

Taking place in an old fishing port, it will feel just as it did during its famous whale hunting era; enjoy a taste of splendor from the past during a special dinner in an aristocrat’s age-old garden, and an imperial ball at the Hotel du Palais.

A Night at the Palais
l\'hôtel du palais
Discover the city of kings and the queen of beaches, the splendor of Louis XIV and Napoleon III, the Guggenheim Museum collections, the Balenciaga house and the world of haute couture, popular spots frequented by celebrities and discrete VIP’s – just one place – the Hotel du Palais

City of Kings, World of Dreams
la rotonde
Celebrate major events in a historic estate - La Rotonde, a stately place with a breathtaking view, is a dreamlike backdrop for bringing your colleagues together at the end of an incentive trip, or maybe the Villa Eugénie to enjoy the best seafood with friends.

Queen of Beaches
l\'océan à biarritz
Defy the ocean in Biarritz, a former whaling port, it’s now the California of Europe and has been a surf capital for over 50 years, the perfect playground for every board sport.
Authentic Incentive
pelote basque
Catch the ball on the fly, discover the different types of pelota (jai alai) or try cesta punta - the fastest ball game in the world or stand up against golf legends on the fairways of century-old golf courses located between forest and sea.
Traditions and Nature

Between Mountain and Sea
balade en pottok
Ride a pottok pony or horseback along the ridges of the Pyrenees amidst lost valleys to encounter Basque hospitality with a coffee & pastry break at a shepherd’s cabin or a Navarre venta.
Basque Flavors�
& Star Cuisine
piment d\'espelette
Let yourself be charmed by the flavors of Basque cooking in a beautiful 17th century house or a modern inn inside Basque villages or Saint Sebastian and the surrounding area – the Mecca of gastronomes which shines like a culinary pinnacle with certain Michelin star restaurants considered as the best in the world.
Charming Villages
espelette village
Stroll through some of the most beautiful villages in France to ancestral homes and ornate churches; and comprehend that the Basque heritage is much more than the monuments left by ancestors.
Basque Country

Art de Vivre
les produits du terroir
Wine Tours Basque Country

Try local products from land and sea which are part of Basque cuisine at the famous Halles de Biarritz, a covered market, or Bayonne where it’s not unusual to hear the sound of Basque songs, taste banderillas and pintxos (tapas) in San Sebastian’s authentic bars and share this unique way of life
Events and Prestige
feux d\'artifices
Enjoy the very special timeless ambiance of these prestigious places where discrete luxury attracts celebrities and key figures.


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