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Tour of famous wine and spirit makers in Cognac

Join Wine Tour in France for a private tour in Cognac! Cognac is a land of traditions and enchanting landscapes. The birthplace of King Francis I, follow the path of history from the Gallo-Roman city of Saintes with its Romanesque churches and medieval castles to the incredible architecture of 19th century mansions built by famous Cognac houses.

Learn first of all how eau de vie or brandy is made and the secrets that have made Cognac so renowned around the world. Visit the cellars where you’ll be invited to travel back in time through history learning the alchemy of this “liquid gold”. Taste Grand Cru Cognacs.

The region is full of fabulous places to see. Follow the path of the Charente River. Off the coast of La Rochelle, the fresh sea breezes of the islands of Aix, Ré, and Oléron await you.

Cognac is also a vibrant place where it’s great to live with lots of athletic, cultural, and musical events. Just to name a few - the Grand Pavois Boat Show, the crime thriller movie festival, the Cognac Blues Passion music festival, and the comic book festival in Angouleme – there’s something for everyone!�

Recent Cognac Experiences

  • Explore the famous 'Cognac Route' from the Roche Courbon Castle to Fontdouce Abbey.
  • Enjoy a country-style breakfast in the heart of Grande Champagne served by a maître d’, with a violin duet as background music. In the afternoon, enjoy exclusive experiences in La Rochelle- from sailing regattas and nautical challenges, to rappelling off the whale lighthouse or a gourmet nature tour of the Ile de Ré.
  • The art and science of a cellar master – every cognac house has its own secrets on blending. Learn it first hand.
  • Tasting the best crus during a ceremonial tasting of Cognac. You will discover the best “nose” for creating an exceptional vintage.


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more Cognac highlights:

Break through the mystery

Enter paradise and meet the masters of the famed Cognac cellars where age-old brandies are stored. A devoted ambassador will guide you during your privileged discovery – via the five senses.

We invite you to breakfast in the middle of the vineyards, lunch at a private Club, a candlelit dinner to taste cognac a thousand different ways with our prestigious partners Remy Martin and Camus. 

Enjoy the most wonderful days of your life

Stay in a chateau, enjoy an escapade in the vineyards, taste mouthwatering new sensations at local Michelin star restaurants…

Tee off on Cognac’s fairways

History and the good life combine in the most beautiful setting. An 18-hole golf course allows experienced players to display their talents on some particularly difficult holes. 

Go with the wind

Let it carry you to the Atlantic coastline and La Rochelle, a stop not to be missed by fans of sailing competitions for the start of a prestigious race.

Extraordinary Moment in the Vineyard
petit déjeuner cognac
A country-style breakfast in the heart of Grande Champagne served by a maitre d’, with a violin duet as background music
Ceremonial Tasting
Dégustation Louis XIII
Wine Tours Cognac

A Louis XIII ceremonial tasting at the beginning of the evening in the heart of a family-owned estate where a candlelit dinner with the finest cuisine will take place, an unforgettable experience
The Art & Science�
of the Cellar Master
Maître de chai
The art and science of a cellar master – every cognac house has its own secrets on blending and which eau de vie to use.

After tasting the best crus, you’ll become an alchemist, the best “nose” for creating an exceptional vintage
Local Magic�
& copper stills�
Repas remy martin
A pastoral drive through Charente in vintage cars, five-senses cognac tasting, refined lunch of local cuisine amongts the stills in a distillery
Market extravaganza
marché la rochelle
In search of new flavors, you shouldn’t miss a visit to La Rochelle’s market to enjoy a whirlwind of colors and flavors showcased by the Coutanceau family
Regattas & Challenges
la rochelle régate
Prestigious events in La Rochelle, sailing regattas aboard racing boats, nautical challenges, rappelling off the whale lighthouse or a gourmet nature tour at Ile de Ré.
Romanesque Art Treasures
art roman
Historical stops along the cognac route - Fontdouce Abbey, the Sainte Eutrope Church – a jewel of romanesque art, listed as a world heritage site on the Santiago de Compostela route and the Roche Courbon castle
Aromas & Savoir-Faire
When it comes to aging wine and eaux-de-vie, it all begins with the wood. The master cooper sculpts the covering of the barrels, then the fire works its magic to achieve the desired aroma and meet the winemakers expectations.
The Chef's Secrets

cours de cuisine
As an ambassador of this exceptional terroir, guided by a Michelin starred chef, your challenge is to attain the fragile balance of flavors while fully taking the produce into consideration.


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