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Tour of Dordogne villages and gourmet cuisine

Discover Dordogne with Wine Tour in France! The banks of the Dordogne River are an enchanting site. Go even further and explore charming medieval chapels, some of the region’s most beautiful castles, and historic treasures including a tour of caves with paintings dating back 20,000 years. �

Bordered by the vineyards of Saint-Emilion, the region has 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites. From medieval cities, 18th century gardens, and vineyards to gourmet cuisine and farmers’ markets, the region offers a unique getaway.
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Recent Dordogne experiences

  • Visit of Prehistoric UNESCO places : Lascaux, Font de Gaume
  • Discover history of black diamond and ways to cook it
  • Flight over castles in a hot-air balloon
  • Tour of Marqueyssac and Eyrignac French Gardens


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more Dordogne highlights:

UNESCO sites

The Dordogne is an unforgettable destination. With more than 15 sites on the world heritage list since 1979, explore it with confirmed experts in history and prehistoric art. 

Down the Dordogne

Follow the beautiful river downstream in a canoe for jaw-dropping scenery. The combination of sights and tranquility will remain with you forever.

Gourmet Pleasures

Taste amazing wines from the region and learn to cook delicious local meals with a master Chef. Or simply indulge in the local Foie Gras, ‘confit’ of goose and the Périgord truffles… Each is truly exceptional!

Enjoy incredible Michelin restaurants and luxurious historical accommodation for the extra touch of magic.

Culture and Art

It is a land where art is omnipresent with its classical music festivals. Take a musical walk along the riverbanks of the Vézère or a tasting class to try with your family, a quartet for children.

Visit the Middle Ages

Explore ancient castles majestically preserved on rocky outcrops, and villages that have stood the test of time- untouched for centuries.

A memorable playground

From underground explorations to fairytale castles, there is something very special for your next group outing or incentive trip.

Hunt for the black diamond: Truffles!

Join a famous family who will take you on a special discovery of the magnificent truffle. Search for them, learn how to cook with them, as well as some of the unique local mixes!

Cradle of Humanity

Lascaux, Font de Gaume, places inhabited by mankind since prehistoric times, 1001 fortified or Renaissance castles tell the tales of centuries of conquests and history.
French Gardens
Marqueyssac et Eyrignac
Wine Tours Dordogne

Marqueyssac and Eyrignac – a jewel of France’s green architecture, the Jardins de l’Imaginaire or gardens of the imagination , a reminder of mankind’s history through the history of gardens.
Black Diamond
Diamant noir
In pursuit of the black diamond accompanied by a distinguished expert and his dog. Nonetheless, it’s just a mushroom….Georges Sand’s fairy tale apple that a Michelin starred chef will teach you how to cook and choose an appropriate wine
France's Most Beautiful Villages
Nestled at the bottom of a dale, Sarlat is attractive with its pale gold stone houses and its great culinary tradition – an authentic gourmet tour at the market on Saturday morning to meet local farmers.
The Enchantment of Chateaus�
& Hot Air Balloons
A magical flight over castles aboard multicolored hot-air ballons, or by plane, to discover majestic sites and curves of the Dordogne valley.
Little-known Wines�
and Terroirs
fort médiéval
Terroirs which are hardly known by those who love wines from Bergerac and Monbazillac, a wine tasting in Cahors at a princely estate, or a medieval fort where, as is the case for luxury brands, beauty and uniqueness go hand in hand, you’ll meet people who are passionate about the region’s exemplary reputation.
Authentic Aromas
adresses gourmandes
A gourmet address book to share with you - Lalbenque, the truffle Mecca; the saffron route – Quercy red gold, the picturesque grocery shop in Gramat where Michelin starred chefs choose cheeses from Rocamadour.
Vézère & Dordogne

Along the River
sur la dordogne
Along the Dordogne or Vézère River, a magical trip by canoe or aboard a sailing scow at your pace with a gastronomic lunch stop in an enchanting setting.
Lords & Ladies for the Day�
luxueux château
The magic of a luxurious castle exclusively atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the Lot to get a taste of French art de vivre just outside the villages of Collonges la Rouge and Saint Cirq Lapopie


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